Umami is building an ecosystem of strategy vaults fashioned for the future of finance, in which blockchain networks, especially Ethereum and its scaling chains, will play an increasingly prominent role.

Hosted on Arbitrum network, Ethereum’s most widely-used Layer 2 scaling chain, Umami’s expanding menu of strategy vaults offer sustainable, risk-hedged passive income in $ETH and $USDC sourced from across the network's DeFi ecosystem and beyond. At the apex of the Umami ecosystem its native UMAMI token, which can be staked for a growing stream of $ETH passive income generated by yield from Umami's Protocol Owned Liquidity and fee-revenue from its vaults.

Through its network of partnerships and its unique capabilities, including in-app bridging and fiat <> crypto onramping, Umami actively promotes the growth of the Arbitrum ecosystem by expanding its user-base and onboarding new TVL to the network.

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