GM Vault Guardian Audit

2 min readJan 17, 2024

Over the course of December, Guardian employing a 6-man team working with the support of Umami’s own developers identified potential threats and promptly mitigated and even strengthened our overall GM Vault’s integrity and security capabilities. Guardian pulled out every trick in the book, using Static Analysis, Manual Review, Test Suite, and Contract Fuzzing to intricately review every single line of code.

Umami views the choice of auditor as a crucial step for ensuring the overall security and reliability of the Vaults. We selected Guardian for their proven expertise, exemplified by their extensive 11-month audit of GMX V2 itself. Their rigorous audit process, coupled with their experience in auditing Abracadabra’s Money’s integration with GMX V2 as well, made Guardian the optimal choice for our GM Vaults.

Our strategic decision to partner with Guardian for the audit of GM Vaults reflects our dedication to maintaining the highest security standards. Their extensive work with other reputable projects, such as Beefy Finance and Orderly Network, further attests to their credibility and expertise. With GM Vaults, investors can be assured of a platform where security and innovation converge for the utmost trust and reliability.

Umami’s GM Vaults are projected to earn an estimated 15% APR through their sourced yield and even more once $ARB incentives fueled by our GMX Grant begin on Feb 1st (more info coming soon on incentives).

Our Vault’s Github repository is currently in a code freeze given the finished audit status and is awaiting its launch to the public on Monday, January 22nd, we hope to see you there!

Verify the Authenticity of this Audit on Guardian’s Github:

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