Umami Community Newsletter, 06/18

2 min readJun 18, 2023

This week Umami DAO Contributors have been hard at work making the final preparations before announcing the launch of our highly anticipated Deconstructed GLP Vaults. The Vaults and their UI are manually being tested by Contributors who are depositing, withdrawing, boosting, and unboosting to ensure a smooth user experience when the community gets to use them. Next week we will be sharing documentation around the Vaults in our Gitbook and shortly after will be sharing details around the launch of the Vaults!


  • Began quality assurance testing the Vaults on a separate deploy with each Umami Contributor manually interacting with the contracts and UI to ensure the best possible launch experience for users.
  • Continued testing the underlying strategy with $500,000 of DAO approved Treasury funds, performing consistently above expectations.

Next AMA will be scheduled soon to talk about how the Vaults will be launching!

mUMAMI Deposited = 381,000 (Up 0.98% WoW)

cmUMAMI Deposited = 193,300 (Up 1.63% WoW)

Rewards pushed to stakers this week = 1.60 ETH

Total rewards pushed to stakers = 428.28 ETH

(Supply and ETH numbers quoted at time of writing on 06/18)

Happy Marinating Folks! 🍔