Umami Community Newsletter, 08/26

This has been a strong week for the Umami team. We have already begun developing the specs for our v2 vaults as well as drafting the v1 post mortem analysis for the entire community to read. Fully understanding the shortcomings of the v1 strategy will help us ensure that our v2 Vaults surpass expectations.

See our weekly updates below:

mUMAMI Deposited = 556,700 (Up 1.95% WoW)

cmUMAMI Deposited = 255,500 (Up 9.23% WoW)

Rewards pushed to stakers this week = 10.23 ETH

Total rewards pushed to stakers = 205.41 ETH

(Supply and ETH numbers quoted at time of writing on 08/26)

It’s been a great week for the Umami team and our community despite the setbacks we encountered on our v1 Vault products. The team is hard at work and morale remains high, we are happy to get going full speed on v2!

Happy Marinating Folks!



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