Umami Community Newsletter, 09/23

This week Umami quietly shared an updated version of its grand vision. Our roadmap now gives readers a true look into what we have in store for Umami over the next 6–9 months. You may notice multiple new products and therefore revenue sources that we predict can attract $1+ billion in TVL. I won’t go over Umami Advisors during this newsletter but be sure to listen to our AMA today (09/23) for an in depth explanation!

See all updates below:

mUMAMI Deposited = 539,300 (up 6.91% WoW)

cmUMAMI Deposited = 267,000 (up 1.25% WoW)

Rewards pushed to stakers this week = 9.5 ETH

Total rewards pushed to stakers = 238.36

(Supply and ETH numbers quoted at time of writing on 09/23)

We remain committed to our goal of becoming market leaders. Actions such as our brand new, upcoming DAO & Taxes blog and legal advancements will help Umami advisors and by extension Umami itself be established as the go to source for topics such as transparency, proper DAO structuring, and legitimacy in Defi. We are excited to bring Umami advisors to light and see it become a meaningful addition to Umami’s ecosystem!

Happy Marinating Folks!

PS: coming soon!!



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