Umami Completely Revamps Front End App Interface

3 min readMay 31, 2022
Say “Hello” to a whole new Umami!

The Umami team is delighted to present its completely revamped App Interface. Take a look here!

The new UI remains true to Umami’s roots (remember ZeroTwOhm, anyone?) while setting the stage for even more ambitious changes to come as Umami unveils a suite of strategy vaults offering sustainable, risk-hedged yields sourced from the top protocols on Arbitrum.

Merging Arbis into Umami

Crucially, the new UI will integrate the key functionalities from directly into the app interface.

Marinate & Compound, all in one gorgeous new UI!

Along with the upcoming ARBIS ->UMAMI token swap and subsequent transition to a single token model, this new UI is a critical step towards fully merging Arbis into Umami to create a single integrated project.

A streamlined user-experience for Umami’s key staking options!

An Even Bigger Revamp Coming Soon

The Umami team refers to the new UI as “v0.” We have an even more polished and ambitious “v1” Front End revamp in the works spearheaded by top Web 3 Front End designer Tendeeno.

The v1 UI, which will be completed by July, will include an expansive suite of Strategy Vaults; a “buy” page that integrates fiat <> crypto onramping, cross-chain bridging and swapping into a single UI; and a comprehensive dashboard built by Multifarm.

If you like v0, you’ll love our v1.

Big Upgrades In June

In the meantime, you can expect the v0 UI to become far richer and more expansive in the coming weeks.

In early June, Umami will be launching its much-anticipated Delta Neutral GLP Vault as well as four other “Superstaker” vaults that maximize yield on the leading Arbitrum-project staking tokens and farms.

Coming soon to an App Interface near you (all text is subject to change)!

Umami will also finalize the completion of its Socket API integrations, allowing users to seamlessly swap from any asset on most major networks directly into Umami products.

No assets on Arbitrum? No problem! Onramp fiat via Banxa directly on the app!

A big shoutout to @0xBurden who designed & built the entire landing page and app interface, as well as @0xPrePopLabs, who has been managing Umami’s talented dev team!