Umami Finance Announces New Leadership & Organizational Structure

4 min readFeb 10, 2022


Umami Finance is pleased to announce it has taken another big step forward in its ongoing strategic revamp.

Umami has a fantastic vision & team, however in recent months it hasn’t been able to execute at a speed that kept pace with changes in the market. Starting today, that is changing completely.

Umami has adopted a new organizational structure with clearly defined leadership & project ownership. It has also implemented a new compensation model that will eliminate dilution for holders & closely align team incentives with performance of UMAMI.

The result will be faster decision making, greatly increased output, more dedicated full-time developer bandwidth & improved tokenomics for holders.

Meet The Umami Team

Starting today, DeFiAlpha is taking on the lead executive role in Umami. He will be the “executive chef” of the Umami kitchen. He will be responsible for making final calls on all key strategic & business decisions for the project on behalf of the community, setting clear timelines & deliverables, and allocating project ownership among the team. He will be supported by LuffyOwls, who will continue to lead the Umami dev team & serve as primary liaison between the business & technical sides of the project.

Moreover, Umami has established formal roles for its other core team members, including a full time senior development position for 0xToki. He will play a leading role in product development & strategy and will be working daily to ship out Umami’s ambitious array of product offerings with help from devs LuffyOwls, 0xPuffin, Arugulo & 0xBurden.

Over time, Umami plans to gradually shift to a DAO model & allocate more and more decision making power & responsibility to its community. But for the immediate future, it is crucial to have a clearly defined & properly incentivized team to quickly build & scale this incredible project.

Umami’s talented bench of managers, advisors & developers has a wide range of skills & experience, including blockchain development, investment management, business development, graphic design, community management, GameFi & NFTs. In other words, we have the right team in place to make Umami’s vision a reality.

Umami’s new org chart is as follows:

  • DeFiAlpha582 — Project Lead/Chief Executive
  • luffyowls — Lead Dev
  • 0xPuffin & underthesea — Senior Advisors
  • 0xToki — Senior Dev & Product Strategist
  • arugulo & 0xburden — Product & UI Devs
  • milfxxx — Head of Business Development & Operations
  • electrorul — Head of Visual Design
  • JulianXBT — Community Manager
  • XAUrora, carnation, Steven-T — Treasury/Investment Strategists
  • Astr☆l The St★rry God — NFT Strategist
  • MrGrumpyPants — Community Mod & GameFi Strategist
  • r0cketman — Community Mod & NFT Strategist
  • cpthue — Community Mod

Improved Comp Structure

Umami’s organizational restructuring is coupled with a change in comp designed to align incentives, improve output & benefit UMAMI holders.

For the next three months, core team members will receive stipends in stablecoins & contractors are being paid in stables on a per-project basis. Once Umami has fully deployed its treasury capital & begun generating yield, team comp will shift to a mix of stablecoins (with income growth tied to performance of Umami’s treasury) & timelocked marinated UMAMI (mUMAMI).

This comp structure will ensure maximum alignment between pay incentives & performance. It will also eliminate the potential for sell pressure on UMAMI from team contracts, which had previously been in UMAMI tokens.

mUMAMI comp, once finalized, will be timelocked for a ~6 month period and paid out to team members monthly. The unlocking of their mUMAMI tokens will therefore be spread over many months, making sell pressure on UMAMI from team contracts virtually negligible.

It’s Ship Time!

The Umami team believes that these changes will give it an extremely strong foundation for future success. Our team will immediately get to work tackling the Umami’s most urgent goals & product rollouts, including:

  1. Completing a non-dilutive, positive-sum merger with ARBIS.
  2. Completing treasury allocations & building additional partnerships for alpha-generating asset deployments.
  3. Rolling out Umami’s new mUMAMI product so holders can start marinating!
  4. Rolling out a new type of sustainable, non-dilutive bond that pays out in timelocked mUMAMI & begin raising additional treasury capital.
  5. Execute on NFT & GameFi product launches.
Pssst… did somebody say Umami-chan NFTs?

Umami has an highly talented, dedicated team in place that is ready to ship like crazy and take Umami to the next level. Get ready for great times ahead!

Let’s go Umamies!




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