Umami Finance Community Treasury Update — May 2022

Your monthly Umami treasury update from Carnation & Steven-T
  1. Initiated full code audit with Zokyo (including for Delta Neutral USDC Vault)
  2. Completed smart contract code for Delta Neutral USDC Vault and initiated testing
  3. Completed a total of FOUR Superstaker Vaults to be launched in June alongside the Delta Neutral USDC Vault
  4. Shipping revised & up-to-date Docs
  5. Obtained DAO approval to fully integrate Arbis into Umami, which will include an ARBIS -> UMAMI token swap
  6. Shipped a completely revamped Front End that includes Umami’s mUMAMI Autocompounder product (previously on and fiat <> crypto oncramping via Banxa
  7. Adding >$3m in UMAMI liquidity to Umami’s UMAMI-ETH LP to keep pace with surging Whale-demand for the UMAMI token.

Overall performance:

Treasury value, excluding UMAMI and ARBIS tokens holdings:

  • End of April, $5.55M
  • End of May, $5.41M
  • In April, there is a Net Treasury Loss of $140K (or 2.5%)
  • 31.45 ETH ($55.8K)
  • 23.42 ETH distributed as Dividends to Marinators ($41.6K)
  • 8.03 ETH available for reinvestment ($14.2K)
  • 2398 esGMX ($43.5K)
  • 69952 TCR ($3.9K)
  • Uniswap V3 fees ($17K)
  • 4.76 ETH
  • 257 UMAMI
  • 18470 TCR
  • Smaller amounts of USDC, ARBIS, L2DAO, IMX, xIMX

Treasury positions and changes:

The community voted to raise the max supply cap of UMAMI tokens to 1 million. We deployed significantly more liquidity into our Uni V3 LP positions, for a total of $3.5M of liquidity across all our trading pairs.

  • 70% GLP, GMX, esGMX
  • 4% CVX
  • 20% Liquid funds for Uni V3 LPs
  • 4% Hedged short positions



Sustainable, Risk-Hedged Arbitrum Yields

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