Umami Finance Partners With Movr Network

Building bridges to the future of DeFi.

Umami Finance is pleased to announce that it is partnering with interoperability protocol Movr Network to seamlessly migrate assets to Arbitrum from multiple chains.

Movr’s transaction platform, FundMovr, offers a one-stop-shop for cross-chain bridging. It aggregates bridging options across multiple networks and presents users with the best options based on gas costs, maximum block size, and bridging speed. FundMovr will also enable instant cross-chain swaps very soon.

Check out Movr Network’s guide on how to use FundMovr here

FundMovr’s streamlined platform will allow users to bridge Umami’s bondable assets to Arbitrum and swap for UMAMI from multiple chains in a single transaction.

Together, the two protocols will make accessing the UMAMI token easier and more cost-effective than ever. The partnership will accelerate migration of liquidity to Arbitrum and deepen connectivity among Ethereum’s L2s and side-chains.

Movr has also selected Umami as its first-ever project recommendation in its Ape Series guide, Movr’s soon-to-be-released overview of the the most promising projects across a variety of networks.

In the coming days, the two protocols will jointly release a detailed guide on how to use FundMovr to bond assets to Umami’s treasury, swap for the UMAMI token, and tap into its 100,000%+ APY.

Check out Umami’s guide to bridging to Arbitrum and staking UMAMI here

Movr plans to add Umami’s partner Synapse Protocol to its aggregator in the near future, giving it access to Synapse’s premier bridging capabilities for OlympusDAO’s new governance token, gOHM.

With help from its partners, Umami is quickly establishing itself as the leading provider of gOHM trading liquidity on Arbitrum. Learn more about Umami’s partnership with Synapse and its ambitious plans for gOHM here and here.

In the coming weeks, Movr will expand its offerings even further, enabling users to swap into LP positions and post assets as collateral instantly across chains. The new offerings will generate even more opportunities for positive-sum collaborations between the two projects.

Together, Umami and its partners are building bridges to the future of DeFi!

To learn more about Movr/FundMovr, check out its documentation, Discord, Medium and Twitter.




Sustainable, Risk-Hedged Arbitrum Yields

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Sustainable, Risk-Hedged Arbitrum Yields

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