Umami Finance To Integrate Arbis Finance Into Unified DeFi Platform

More delicious than ever.

Umami Finance is excited to announce that it is deepening its integration with its sister project Arbis Finance to create a unified, Arbitrum-native DeFi platform.

The two projects will maintain their distinct ARBIS & UMAMI tokens but work in tandem to advance Umami’s strategy of deploying wholly-owned treasury assets to support partner projects on Arbitrum.

A Coordinated Strategy

Arbis’ flagship product, its suite of yield-enhancing autocompounders, will play an important role in supporting Umami’s recently launched platform for building & managing LPs on Uniswap v3.

Umami will use Arbis autocompounders to incentivize liquidity for its newly deployed LPs & enhance LP fee revenue for Umami.

In fact, Umami is already deploying Arbis autocompounders to support Layer2DAO’s L2DAO-ETH LP as part of the projects’ recently announced partnership.

The closer integration will benefit ARBIS holders with enhanced fee revenue via stARBIS.

Meanwhile, Umami will use its wholly-owned assets to build an UMAMI-ARBIS LP on Uniswap v3, adding additional liquidity for both projects.

Arbis will maintain its current branding but will be incorporated into the app along with Umami products including bonding, marinating & more.

A Positive-Sum Integration

The integration will greatly enhance returns for both ARBIS & UMAMI holders.


  • Higher rewards for ARBIS stakers from an expanding suite of autocompounders.
  • Closer integration into UI supporting seamless access to Arbis offerings by Umami community.
  • Enhanced liquidity for ARBIS, facilitated by a new UMAMI-ARBIS LP on Uni v3.


  • Expanded suite of product offerings for partners, including autocompounder functionality for its Uni v3 LP management platform.
  • Increased revenue to Umami treasury via Arbi’s autocompounder fees & higher payouts to UMAMI Marinators.
  • Strengthened base of treasury assets by consolidating non-circulating ARBIS tokens onto Umami treasury balance sheet.


The Arbis treasury will be consolidated onto Umami’s balance sheet for accounting purposes but the underlying tokenomics of both projects will remain the same.

  • Umami counts the 36bn non-circulating ARBIS on its balance sheet. The ARBIS tokens will remain locked in the treasury long-term. Umami will also burn a % of non-circulating ARBIS.
  • Holders of stARBIS will continue to collect half of the fees accumulated by the autocompounder. (Autocompounders collect a 3.5% fee on the assets being compounded).
  • The remaining 50% of autocompounder fees will go to the Umami treasury & support payouts to Marinators.



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